Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Effing Decaf's Very First Kickstarter!

Check it out everybody - I'm kickstarting a side story that is currently only available in print. It's about a strange summer vacation that Decaf spends in the clutches of Mormon mysticism. There's a whole lot of really awesome stuff, so I hope you'll drop in and think about supporting!


  1. No.

    I like the web comic and I have been known to buy books from authors in the past, but I never support kickstarters for books or comics.

    You could just as easily do this digitally and then offer printed versions of it through lulu books. They even have an on demand service. They take a cut of it and then you get the rest.

    Sorry to sound like a douche. Hope you do get your kickstarter off the ground.

    1. Lulu is the worst print-on-demand service ever as far as costs are concerned. I would have to charge $20 per book just to make any profits. I'm not sure I understand your beef with crowdsourcing. I've seen so many webcomics fail at making even a little money for all their hard work, and crowdsourcing is the first viable business model that many of us have encountered. There's nothing immoral or weird about trying to get people excited about buying stuff they really like or supporting creators whose work they enjoy.